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  NES Palette 9/21/2020    
  This is interesting:

Not even Nintendo knows what Super Mario Bros. should look like anymore

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Ummm, what? 9/19/2020    
  If you hang around NES fans long enough, well, my first piece of advice would be to find some different folks to pass your time with. But if you can't abide that advice you eventually will hear them lament the insane prices of NES merchandise. And with that in mind, I bring you:

A hacked up, absurd Super Mario Brothers 3 prototype selling for $31,200

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  On Nostalgia 9/18/2020    
  From TechCrunch:

Nintendo rips the seal off the next generation of nostalgia, but fans fret

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Karnov 9/16/2020    
  And now, a completely unprompted very thorough review of Karnov.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Best Video Game Music 9/15/2020    
  Stumbled across this Techspot journey tonight it's worth a look: Revisiting Some of the Best Video Game Music From the 8-bit and 16-bit Era.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  The Lamest 9/14/2020    
  There are so many THE X BEST NES GAMES ON THE SWITCH articles running around that it's great to see one like this:

The 5 Lamest NES Games On Nintendo Switch Online App

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Rare Games on Emulators 9/8/2020    
  Hello friends, I'm back from vacation so we've got an update tonight. A decent article frm GameRant on the NES: 10 Rare Nintendo Games You Can Only Find On Emulators    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  8BitDo Arcade Stick 8/31/2020    
  From engadget: 8BitDo is making a customizable arcade stick for Switch and PC players

Controller: rad

Price: not rad

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Archived Updates 8/28/2020    
  I had mentioned this in the past, but as I've recently been more likely to post updates about NES news I realized it'd be good to start saving these updates somewhere for posterity's sake. I figured that six months at a time would be a-plenty, and since we're over halfway through 2020 (side note: THANK GOD) now would be as good a time as any to start work on this.

This seemed best suited to the Misc section, so if you cruise over there you'll now see a section for old updates, starting with the first half of 2020. Also, since those updates have now been archived to this brand spankin' new section I've removed them off the front page to clear up some clutter. Enjoy!

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  The Mini Console Revolution 8/27/2020    
  Hack A Day has a new piece up that will probably be of moderate interest to visitors of this site:

The Mini Console Revolution, And Why Hackers Passed Them By

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Housekeeping 8/22/2020    
  Housekeeping day around these parts. Nothing exciting to report 'round here.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Lego NES 8/21/2020    
  The previously-reported Lego NES seems to be swallowing up most of the NES news as of late. This is fine, since it's freakin' awesome and all, but there isn't much other news out there.

So, with that in mind, why don't you watch someone put one together.

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Battletoads - Legacy Cartridge Collection 8/20/2020    
  So I guess these Battletoads - Legacy Cartridge Collection carts are a thing.

I personally find it a little offensive that these folks are selling $2 of plastic for $99 but I guess it's still good to see something novel re: the NES.

  Posted by: Andy 9:00 PM    

  Odds and Ends 8/19/2020    
  At some point in the past NES HQ had a section dedicated to old updates. I figured this was a good part of the site to have less for site-specific updates and more for information and news on the NES from external sources. Anyway, I was going to archive some of the 2020 updates to-date but can't find where I used to stash these, so I'll leave them for now.

Also today I noticed that the old site statistics are now password protected. I don't think anyone *ever* looks at those but making a mental note to see about removing the password from there.

That's it for tonight, nothing too exciting.

  Posted by: Andy 8:30 PM    

  Pour one out 8/18/2020    
  Pour one out for our beloved NES: the Switch has overtaken the NES in lifetime sales.    
  Posted by: Andy 8:00 PM    

  Lego NES, Part 2 8/17/2020    
  A couple weeks ago I posted about the Lego NES

Well, as a follow up, here's where you can buy it

  Posted by: Andy 8:00 PM    

  Hockey RPG 8/3/2020    
  Filed under category 'Fun':

In the dying days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, well into the early 1990s, Taito had plans to bring arcade game Hit The Ice to the console with some pretty substantial additions

  Posted by: Andy 8:00 PM    

  Lego NES 7/28/2020    
  This is pretty amazing: Lego made a 2,600-piece replica of playing Mario on the NES    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Zapper 7/27/2020    
  Been a few weeks since the last update around here but I'm back, and here with an old but decent article on How Did the Duck Hunt Gun Work?.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Stadium Events 7/8/2020    
  Always rad to see the NES still making headlines in the mainstream media, like this ESPN article on Stadium Events.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  The Dirt On Nintendo's Early Days 7/7/2020    
  This is good stuff:

The Designer Of The NES Dishes The Dirt On Nintendo's Early Days

  Posted by: Andy 8:40 PM    

  Break out your wallet... 7/6/2020    
  Up for auction: An Original Boxed Copy Of Super Mario Bros.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Rad! 7/5/2020    
  This is pretty rad!    
  Posted by: Andy 9:00 PM    

  Pfffffffffft 7/1/2020    
  Anyone who visits this site regularly (all seven of you!) could have told you this: Mario and Mike Tyson lead sale of rare Nintendo video games at Heritage    
  Posted by: Andy 9:00 PM