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  Hardest NES Bosses 2/25/2021    
  Although I suspect regular visitors to this site will disagree, may I present the following:

10 Hardest Boss Fights In NES Games That Are Borderline Impossible To Beat

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Legend of Legend of Zelda 2/23/2021    
  This is an interesting read:

The legend of The Legend of Zelda

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Better on FDS 2/22/2021    
  How about another list article? Sure, why not... From Nintendo Life:

8 NES Games That Were Better On Famicom Disk System

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Aging (Dis)Gracefully 2/19/2021    
  I try to aggregate some NES and NES-adjacent news around here, and that means I end up posting a bunch of "top X games on the NES" lists. Today's is a little different... I strenuously disagree with it, but I guess I'll post it anyway, under the banner of linking to any new NES-related content, regardless of quality:

10 Classic Nintendo Games That Have Aged Terribly

  Posted by: Andy 5:00 PM    

  Mario/Bowser 2/18/2021    

Nintendo documentary trailer suggests company has a Mario-side and a Bowser-side

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Mini Review: Fire 'n Ice 2/17/2021    
  From Nintendo Life:

Mini Review: Fire 'n Ice - A Fine Puzzler That's Worthy Of Rediscovery On Switch

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Games in Microsoft Edge Extensions 2/16/2021    
  Hah, this is fun:

Pirated Nintendo Games Discovered In Microsoft Edge Extensions

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Stupid Money 2/14/2021    
  This is indescribably stupid, but I guess noteworthy enough to post here:

This Was The Most Expensive Nintendo Game Ever Sold

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Famista 93' 2/10/2021    
  A quick bit o' news from Zophar's:

Famista 93' (NES/Famicom) is now playable in English!

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Raspberry Pi Pico Emulates Nintendo Console 2/7/2021    
  Missed this when it came out, but here we go. From Tom's Hardware:

Raspberry Pi Pico Emulates Nintendo Console

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Anthology 2/5/2021    
  Another NES anthology is now out. From Nintendo Life:

Geeks Line's NES/Famicom Anthology Is The Most Exhaustive Look At The Console Yet

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Design Flaw 2/4/2021    
  This won't surprise anyone around these parts, but including it anyway. Why not! From Looper:

The Major Design Flaw Nintendo Made With Its American NES

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Krazy Kreatures 1/29/2021    
  Hands down one of the most enjoyable things about keeping this site running is getting the occasional email from people who are still playing and enjoying the NES - someone who was looking for hard to find information, searching for a code, etc.

Even more enjoyable and rare than that is when we get some kind of brand new content - the rare new FAQ or a previously-lost ad. With that in mind I'm happy to note that Kenny Tritch has created and submitted two new Game Genie codes for Krazy Kreatures. They've been added to the Krazy Kreatures page for consumption.

Thanks, Kenny!

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Nintendo Travel 1/28/2021    
  Yes, you read that correctly. Courtesy of Fodor's:

7 Sites Around the World for Nintendo Fans

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Classic Mini Controller 1/27/2021    
  From Hackaday:

Your NES Classic Mini Controller, On Your Desktop Computer

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Box Art 1/25/2021    
  From CBR:

The 5 Most ICONIC Pieces of NES Box Art

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  10 Interesting Facts 1/23/2021    
  From Game Rant:

10 Interesting Facts About The NES' Development

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  House Cleaning 1/22/2021    
  Cleaning up around here a bit: since we're now well into January, I moved the older 2020 site updates to the Misc page and removed them from here.    
  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  NES Manufacturing 1/21/2021    
  This is pretty freakin' rad:

Lost Video Takes Us Inside Nintendo In 1990, Shows NES Consoles Being Made

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  That's a ... Mario? 1/8/2021    
  Hah, always love it when NES or NES-adjacent news goes mainstream. Today's edition, from NPR:

Sweater Design? Gin Rummy? Typing? These Are The Mario Games You've Never Heard Of

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Homework First 1/7/2021    
  I never saw one of these growing up, or even heard of it until now, but it's a fun piece of NES history:

People Used To Be Able To Prevent Their Kids From Playing NES With A "Souped-Up Bike Lock"

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  Weird Box Art 1/5/2021    
  I missed this when it came out but it's worth a gander:

10 Of The Weirdest Pieces Of NES Box Art

  Posted by: Andy 10:00 PM    

  The NES Omnibus 1/1/2021    
  Well, I guess this is a thing:

The NES Omnibus: The Nintendo Entertainment System and Its Games, Volume 1 (A-L)

  Posted by: Andy 7:00 PM