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  Hardware Thursday 2/13/2020    
  Is hardware Thursday a thing? It is now! First, the badass NES mouse, which - unlike a lot of these awesome pieces of hardware that spring up - is reasonably priced. And secondly is this freakin' sweet Megatron Zapper. Hell yes!    
  Posted by: Andy 5:15 PM    

  New Games to Switch 2/12/2020    
  A quick note - according to Engadget, Nintendo will be bringing two more classics to the Switch: Eliminator Boat Duel and Shadow of the Ninja.    
  Posted by: Andy 7:15 PM    

  Happy Birthday! 1/29/2020    
  In my haste to finally update the site for the first time in almost a year I forgot to wish NES HQ a happy birthday.

Although updated a lot less frequently than it used to be (hopefully that's changing), NES HQ celebrated its 17th birthday earlier this month!

The site is, unquestionably, the oldest NES-specific site still out there. While some incredible NES resources have sprung up since its inception (looking at you, Nintendoage), NES HQ is the last of it's kind - the sole remaining site from a time in the early 2000s when there was a diverse collection of NES fan sites operated on myriad hosts - Geocities, Angelfire, etc. I plan to keep it operating for the foreseeable future and, as mentioned yesterday, hope to start updating it regularly again. There is an 'end state' for this site, and it looks something like finally having every game up on the site. So that's the goal and I hope to make significant progress towards said goal this year.

  Posted by: Andy 7:15 PM    

  Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn 1/28/2020    
  [walks up to mic] is this thing on?


Ah, yes, looks like this thing still works.

It's a new year and this site hasn't been updated in forever. Alright, less than a year but not by much. So we've got a new year and I'll again resolve to do a better job updating the site. Here goes nothin'...

  Posted by: Andy 7:40 PM