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  Kid Niki: Radical Ninja - Cheats & Codes

Free Man - Every time you kill a boss, a scroll appears. You can magically change that scroll into a free man. Wait until the first and last digits of your time are the same, then hit the scroll. This works every time, for every boss!

Level 1 Bonus Area - When you come across 3 pink birds in a diagonal line you'll notice a ledge below them. Approach the right edge of the ledge and have Kid Niki just have his left foot on it. Press down and B repeatedly to make Kid Niki jump into the air, flash, and warp to a bonus area that'll take you close to the end of the level.

Level 2 Bonus Area - The beginning of the second level has you walking through a forest. After a while, there will be a gap in the trees, the Round meter should read 2-6 at this point. Climb the first tree after this gap, and when you reach the top, you'll be taken off to a bonus area. Swing your sword around in the room you arrive in to get coins for bonus points.

Level 3 Bonus Area - Throughout level 3 you'll come across small cloud platforms that are bobbing up and down. Make your way to the third one of these. If your Round meter reads 3-7, you're in the right place. When the platform reaches its highest point, jump. Continue to do this, and on the fourth time, you should be taken to a bonus area.

Level 4 Bonus Area #1 - At the very beginning of the stage, jump up onto the middle of the platform to your left. Crouch for about three ticks on the timer, and you should be teleported to the first bonus area of the stage. Jump on the eggs in the bonus area to release their contents, either enemies or items.

Stage 4 Bonus Area #2 - Right after leaving bonus area #1, you'll come to several stones sticking out of a lake. Make your way across to the seventh stone, your Round meter should read 4-11. Jump straight up and down on the stone three times. On the third time, the stone in front of you should turn into the head of a monster. Jump down into its mouth to reach the bonus area. This one is actually more of a shortcut than a bonus stage.

Secret Stage (Japanese version) - In Stage 5, stand by the left hand of the Buddha statue and then shout in famicom's 2nd controller microphone.